Coding From Home in 2020

Coding From Home in 2020

Some stuff I learned while working from home for the last 3 and something years


Staying sane in a crazy world

I have been working from home for a while now, and to be honest - it took me some time to adapt to it. Let me tell you, working from home can really screw up your work life balance…
So here are a few tips that help me stay happy and productive.

1. Get dressed!

Don’t stay in your pajamas, or you’ll feel like you’re slacking off.
I know it feels kind of silly… You are not going anywhere, but you are dressed as if you were going to work.
But wait… You are going to work! You’re just not leaving the house.
I know I might be fooling myself, but it works for me! Try it, and tell me how it went.
BTW - It will also make you feel less awkward when turning on your webcam.

2. Have a decent lunch break

I have seen too many coders eat at their desks, staring at a terminal or their IDE. If you are doing that, here are 6 reasons to stop.
Well, when you are at home it’s more tempting. Stay strong!
Take a decent break. Eat something that you like and makes you happy.
Take your mind off what you are working on and let it rest.
Have you ever had that feeling?
Going over all the variables and inputs again and again and saying to yourself - “this should work” - but it just doesn’t.
Most of the time when that happens to me, it’s just because I’m missing something that is right in front of me.
After taking a good break, I just call myself an idiot (not to harshly though) and simply solve the problem.

3. Have a separate work space

This one is pretty much self explanatory..
I have to say, it makes my life much simpler.
I know it’s not always possible, but try to be creative and make do.
A separate computer might also be an advantage.

4. Start and stop at reasonable times

When working from an office, it’s way easier.
You work while you’re in the office, and you don’t work when you are at home (maybe sometimes work a little bit at home).
What happens when you’re always home?
Boundaries tend to blur, and sometimes disappear. You can find yourself working at strange hours, or not working while you should be.
Define your start and end time before you begin.

5. Screen sharing is your friend

There’s nothing better than a fresh set of eyes on problematic code. When working in an office we do it all the time, and the reason is simple - it helps. So go ahead - prove yourself as a team player, even in those strange social distancing times.

Putting it all together in a haiku

Plan your day, define your work time.
Put on your “work clothes”.
Work at your work space.
Communicate with you coworkers.
Have a yummy lunch (not in your work space).
Stop working around the time you planned to.

Disclaimer: not really a haiku

Closing words

Did my “words of wisdom” help you in any way?
Do you think it’s all just a pile of S****T?
I’d love to hear about it!

Until next time - enjoy life, stay safe!